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Evangelist Uju Grace Okonkwo is a woman of God charged with the task of raising end time soldiers for our Lord Jesus Christ through her ministry.  She also runs discipleship programs that empower ministers and children of God into deep intimacy with God.  She is now involved in travelling world wide to raise end time armies of God, for the last days' battles between truth and falsehood.

Having lived much of her life in Lagos, Nigeria, she now lives in Canada with her children.

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Cover - Final Exposure and Judgement upon Woman of Babylon by Uju Grace Okoronkwo
( 192 pages )

*** Newly Added ***

Explosing Babaylon is the last vision of our generation and also the last call, a message and strategy for mobilizing the most powerful army of the Lord Jesus Christ that has ever marched through the earth.  This is a call to all Christians who are privileged to live in this perilous time, to arise and separate themselves totally from religion.  This book serves as an expository manual for those who are separated who seek to answer God's call to stand for truth and serve him in these perfidious days.  The last message on earth before Christs return is a call to expose Babylon and separate from her. [Revelation 18].

A call to separate from DEFILEMENT, DECEIT, FAULTS, LIES, ABOMINATION, HARLOTORY AND RELIGION.  It is a book that announces the final judgement of God in the church and on earth.  May God help you to be part of the end-time revival and liberation that is now sweeping the earth as you reed this book. .

Cover - The Judgement of God on the Church by Uju Grace Okoronkwo
( 160 pages )

** Revised Feb. 2017 **

The Judgement of God on the Church is about truth in the inward being and also truth in the secret heart. I found out that there is much falsehood and lack of transparency in the world today especially in the church. And this hinders God's movement and delays the second coming of our Lord Jesus. God cannot do anything useful with a polluted person or any one that practice falsehood in his or her life. God is pure; therefore falsehood and counterfeit must be abandoned completely. And for God to come back to His altar in His church, truth must be embraced totally in our hearts, minds, and souls. And for God to reveal this truth to us, we must cry deeply with our heart as David cried.

Cover - Redefining Process by Uju Grace Okoronkwo
( 73 pages )

Refining Process in the Holy Ghost School is all about as God refine the people of Israel in the wilderness to humble them, test them to know what was in their heart, whether they would keep his commandment or not.  So God humbled them, allowed them to pass through hunger and feed them with manna just to make them to depend on him. Refining Process is about God discipline and handling you as a law material, pass you through process of refinement to make you a glorious product for his own use to accomplished some heavenly task, as heaven mandate is to harvest the ripped earth. This book is like a daily guide to carry you along in this perilous time.

Cover - Brazen Altar in the Holy Ghost School by Uju Grace Okoronkwo
( 34 pages )

Brazen Alter in the Holy Ghost School is all about a new spiritual move of God in this last days to perfect the bride for rapture. it simply means making an alter, call it a meeting place where God will reveal himself to you every day at the same time. it is a place you will develop a sweet and deep intimacy with God. Brazen alter is a way of restoring back holy spirit back to mankind to teach us the mystery of God. The book is all about end-time calling of the last days army and God's remnant for the final battle between Jesus and Satan. It is a way of developing communion with God through revelation. The book is a daily touch to lead you into a high way of holiness.

Cover - Judgement in the Church and the Secular World by Uju Grace Okoronkwo
( __ pages )
Coming Soon...

About these Books

Churches are misleading.   I know that I have experienced some of the most incredible shock of emotions I have ever thought possible in my whole life.  Recently, I looked at churches that had arrived in the world to deceive many.   As I watch them all, I began to weep over the unbelievable situations so many churches were trying to act, I looked at the alter of God in my heart and said "I've got to put the answers in a small booklet. My letter won't really be enough."

So here it is.

You'll see me in all these chapters.   It could be no other way, you may shout sometimes, or even get irritated.   But I guarantee two things: This booklet will not bore you, nor will it make your quick repentant!   In fact, I hope it excites you so much your surrender to Jesus, prepared, relax and be blessed.

Read the booklet and make your daily guide because it really is the Holy Ghost.  If you've been touched and blessed by this book and you would love to have extra copies for others, our you would like to meet me personally,  I'll love it.

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